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Our Philisophy

Everything we eat comes from the Earth, that’s why we want you to try local ingredients, learn where they come from, what they are called, and in what ways they’re used.

Our Commitment

A Truly Local Experience

The notion of terruño is also used as a synonym of terroir, a French term that refers to a geographical region with specific conditions in which a particular wine is produced. Due to its privileged geographical position, in the waistline between north and south americas, Costa Rica, our terruño has always been a biological and cultural bridge. 

The tropical climate in this small but rich territory, has made this land home to an exuberant biodiversity that provides a vast variety of food products. A vibrant blend of indigenous heritage and Spanish colonial influence, as well as some African, Chinese, and other immigrant groups, shaped Costa Rican culture, lending character and customs. 

At Terruño Local Experiences we believe in sustainable travel. We are proud to provide authentic cultural and gastronomic activities that connect travelers with the local communities, in an aim to preserve our territory and keep our culture alive.


Guanacaste, Tamarindo

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